Album Review: Nation of Two


Miranda Curnutt, Author

In 2013, Vance Joy came to everyone’s attention with his single “Riptide.” For weeks, the catchy folk-pop song was stuck in our heads. Now, Vance Joy is back with his sophomore album, “Nation of Two.” The album is full of the imagery that was a staple in Vance Joy’s first album, with lyrics like “I saw you standing there / Sandy blonde hair, the way it came tumbling down / Just like a waterfall” calling to mind a memory of someone you once knew very well. This sort of nostalgia prevails throughout the album, as Vance Joy moves through several memories in his songs. It gives a bittersweet feeling to some songs (especially “Little Boy” and “Like Gold”), but overall, the feeling of the album is hopeful.

Personally, I thought Vance Joy’s first album was good but tended to lag at some times, while this album has a good pace, never lingering anymore than it needs to. If you enjoyed Vance Joy’s first album, then I’m confident you’ll like his second–perhaps even more than the first.