Prep Summer Plans


Miranda Curnutt, Author

With the weather finally turning nice and warm, I know I’m not the only one whose mind has drifted to thoughts of summer. It’s now only four weeks away, which leads to the question: What are SJP students doing this summer?

The overwhelming majority said working. Money doesn’t grow on trees, after all. Many also replied traveling–Prep students are venturing everywhere from Yellowstone to France,  China to Wisconsin, Tacoma to Spain, the Cayman Islands to Texas. The third most common reply was sleep–something I think we all are looking forward to this summer.

Along with the previous replies, SJP students are exploring their interests–like theater (senior Gabe Woodard), fashion design (sophomore Tony Liu), day trading (sophomore Carlos Borgert), and rollerskating (freshman Sophia Bostrom). Several students are planning on practicing their sports this summer, getting ready for the next season. Many freshmen are taking driver’s ed, while many seniors are packing and preparing for college. You can find freshmen Cole Glomski and Max Penzkover volunteering at Kidstop, and sophomore Kiera Millaway volunteering at an elementary school. And of course, the IB students are studying and writing their Extended Essay (best of luck).

It looks like Prep students are going to have an eventful summer 2018. However, don’t get too excited yet–we have to survive finals first…