Spring Formal: Prep Students Dine, Dazzle, and Dance


Cullin Egge, Editor

This year’s Spring Formal, on Saturday, May 5th, at Blackberry Ridge Golf Course in Sartell, was unforgettable. In my opinion, it was an excellent opportunity to dress up and attend a fancy dinner and party with your best friends, which otherwise doesn’t happen very often–if ever. Students began strolling in for pictures around 5:30. Everyone looked fantastic! There were dresses, ties, and flowers of many different styles and colors.

Another great thing about Spring Formal is that you don’t need to have a date to go, you can attend with your friends and have just as great of a time. Before dinner, Father Jonathan Licari offered a prayer and blessing for the evening. Dinner then began at 6:30, and it was a crowd pleaser! Annie Ellis ’18 loved her vegetarian pasta shells, saying they were “surprisingly fantastic” and “a million times better than last year[‘s dinner]” After, there was a tasty spread of cheesecakes (in multiple flavors!).

There was also a sparkly gold backdrop available throughout the night for some neat photo-ops. The dancing began shortly after dinner. Overall, the DJ received pretty good ratings from students. Some liked him more than others, though. Caitlin Skahen ’19 and Jack Rogers ’18 loved that he played their request for “Rock Lobster,” despite being two of maybe six on the dance floor for that song. The night came to a close around 10:30. For most, the party didn’t end there. Many students attended after parties and kept the fun alive for hours to come. In retrospect, this year’s Spring Formal was a blast and an enjoyable event for many students. It’s a tradition that will hopefully continue for every year to come!