How to Survive Finals


Sami Severnak, Author

Well, it’s that time of year again. Oof. The teachers have come to the realization that they didn’t fulfill their curriculum (no offense, teachers), and suddenly we are burdened with what seems like a giant mountain of assignments, projects, and essays topped off with a bunch of finals. How fun!

I send out my condolences to all the IB kids. Not only have they been doing what the rest of us have, but they have spent the last few weeks testing and realizing how much they hate themselves. As a sophomore, I already feel stressed out by the next couple of years ahead of me, and I am definitely not excited to deal with that.

I know that the next few weeks are stressful, so I have complied a list of things to keep in mind while contemplating whether or not to drop out:

  • Puppies exist.
  • Kittens, too.
  • Summer is soon.
  • Sleep is imminent.
  • The end is near.
  • That last one could be construed as darker than I intended…
  • Pizza is a thing.
  • Olive Garden breadsticks are out there.
  • Netflix is a thing.
  • You probably have friends that like you.
  • Your parents will let you come home if you do well.
  • Money exists, and it buys a lot of things. No school, then no job, then no money.

Unfortunately, I, too, am suffering and am having hard time coming up with a list of reasons to put up with a bunch of homework. Hopefully this will at least get you through the next few days. Good luck.