Seniors Vote on Prep “Bests”

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Seniors Vote on Prep “Bests”

Regan Mies, Editor

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As the school year is coming to a close and seniors are sorrowfully (and not-so-sorrowfully) preparing to say “Goodbye, forever!” to Prep’s hallways, I decided to encourage seniors to remember some of SJP’s “Bests.” Here are their responses:

Best spot to hang out during an open?

The Library—Matt Ham, Haopeng Xue, Vicky Zhu, Justin Zheng

The Fishbowl—Mariah Bruner, Ben Jolkovsky, Nick Foss

Fifth Floor—Anika Feitl, Christian Brenny, Jack Rogers

Outside—A’ishah Smith, Magali Seymour

The Bird’s Nest (above the school entryway)—Annie Ellis

“Under the willow tree… is there a willow tree?”—Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Best food to get at the Snack Bar?

Cookies—Magali Seymour, Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Kit-Kats—Mariah Bruner

Sun Chips “before they quit bringing them two weeks ago”—Anika Feitl

Bagel—A’ishah Smith

“Italy Sammy”—Christian Brenny

“Those yogurt things… Parfaits?”—Annie Ellis

Snickers—Matt Ham

Hot Pockets—Vicky Zhu

Buffalo Chicken Wrap, “It’s the only spicy thing you can get!” —Ben Jolkovsky

Cheese Curds—Nick Foss

Raspberry Tea—Justin Zheng

Sandwich—Haopeng Xue

“Nothing”—Jack Rogers

Best and most comfortable classroom?

Mr. Nydeen’s—Christian Brenny, Nick Foss, Justin Zheng

Biology—Anika Feitl, Haopeng Xue

Ms. Reuter’s—A’ishah Smith, Annie Ellis

Not Ms. Reuter’s—Jack Rogers

Ceramics—Mariah Bruner

Mr. Miller’s—Ben Jolkovsky

Ms. Fitch’s—Matt Ham

German—Vicky Zhu

Computer lab—Magali Seymour

“None, I feel attacked in all”—Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Best type of colloquium?

Advising—Mariah Bruner, Christian Brenny, Annie Ellis, Magali Seymour

Dance Dance Revolution—Ben Jolkovsky, Nick Foss, Jack Rogers

Prayer Service—Haopeng Xue

Mass—Matt Ham

Medium—Justin Zheng, Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Long—A’ishah Smith

PrepTalk—Vicky Zhu

Best couch in The Fishbowl?

None—Anika Feitl, A’ishah Smith, Christian Brenny, Annie Ellis, Justin Zheng

The unbroken one (on the right)—Mariah Bruner, Ben Jolkovsky, Nick Foss, Magali Seymour

“The long one in the library… not in The Fishbowl”—Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Best way to procrastinate homework?

Just don’t do it—Anika Feitl, Mariah Bruner, Haopeng Xue, Vicky Zhu

Watch “The Office”—A’ishah Smith

Eat dinner for two hours—Christian Brenny

Fortnite—Ben Jolkovsky

“There’s no good way”—Annie Ellis

Complain about amount of homework—Jack Rogers

Watch TV shows—Justin Zheng

Go on Youtube—Matt Ham

Go on the internet—Bernardo Creamer-Ontaneda

Talk to everyone in your open or go outside—Magali Seymour

Juniors, underclassmen, and incoming freshmen, feel free to use this “Best of Prep” guide. Seniors, go ahead and agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinions. Teachers, take pride in (maybe) having a climate-controlled classroom! Or in knowing that seniors still find your classroom comfortable even with problematic heating and cooling systems! In the end, I hope this list can remind us all of our favorite bits of Prep as the school year concludes!

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Seniors Vote on Prep “Bests”