Saint John’s Prep Theatre: Looking Forward


The completion of our run of Les Misérables marks the end of the theatre season at St. John’s Prep for 2018. However, involvement in 2018 theatre itself is most certainly not finished for many members of our cast. For each show and our dress rehearsal, the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight program sends evaluators to our performances to assess our show in technical, musical, and on-stage aspects. After a few weeks, our results are received, and we are able to hear a few different perspectives on how our show went. In addition to simple critiques, evaluators are able to give recognition such as “Honorable Mention” or “Outstanding” performances to individuals or groups involved in the show. This year we received much recognition to every facet of our production, including tech, orchestra, overall performance, and even several actors on stage. The actors receiving an “Honorable Mention” or higher are invited to perform in Spotlight’s showcase in June of this year. In addition to these talented individuals, two “featured dancers” are also able to participate in the showcase and a dance workshop in preparation for it. As well as recognition for Les Mis, several students auditioned for Spotlight’s Triple Threat program, sending in videos of singing, dancing, and acting to showcase their abilities. We had a couple students called back for live auditions and are anxiously (and excitedly) awaiting responses. These students will also participate in Spotlight’s showcase. Considering all this, St. John’s Prep will definitely have a significant part to play in Spotlight’s showcase this year.

In addition to the excitement surrounding Spotlight, our spring musical has been announced for next year: Mary Poppins. Students are already building anticipation for it and are looking forward to what it will bring for our theatre community. Auditions will most likely be held in November and then the crazy, stressful, and incredibly rewarding ride of preparation and performance will begin all over again.