Fall 2018: Senior Plans


With summer fast approaching, the seniors in our Prep community are excitedly anticipating the coming years of college and other opportunities outside the realm of high school. On May 1st, 2018, our seniors solidified their decisions. Leah Moss, a dorm student who has called Prep home for the last two years, is planning on attending the University of Oregon in the fall of 2018. She is beyond thrilled. When I asked her what led to her decision, she emphasized the climate. Leah has lived all over the world, loves the rain, and wanted to be in a mountainous landscape. What college could be a better fit? Plus, as a bonus for Leah, snow rarely falls in Eugene, Oregon.

While the majority of our graduating seniors are planning on beginning their college life immediately in the fall, several of our seniors, including Annie Ellis and Cullin Egge, have planned gap years full of travel and cultural immersion. In talking with Annie, I learned of her hope to take a Sea-mester (a semester of sailing, if you are as confused by that term as I was). Although she isn’t completely sure where this adventure will take her, she’s hoping to set sail near the Virgin Islands or maybe even in the Mediterranean. A passionate sailor herself, Annie emphasized the importance of having time to relax and de-stress after high school. After four years of non-stop work, a break from academia would be refreshing, allowing for personal and character growth instead of accentuating intellectual development.

No matter what the seniors choose to do after leaving Prep, they all know that the work ethic and passion for learning gained here will lead them down a road of success, whether they are studying or sailing the seas.