Activities for Summer

Irene Jiang

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As we approach the end of the school year, I’m sure everyone is excited to enjoy their free time and hang out with friends without the stress of school. Although we won’t be able to see our friends almost every day once school is over, there are volunteer opportunities being offered by or at Prep this summer. Check them out them and sign up with a friend!
Volunteer in the Garden:
Freshman Owen Miller is looking for volunteers to help take care of the Mary Ellenbecker-Johnson Memorial Garden (located behind the Prep school). They need people to do very simple tasks such as watering and weeding. All the tools will be provided and there is no need to bring anything. Owen says, “This gardening project will be fun because you get to enjoy the outdoors and do service at the same time.” Please sign up as it will be a great way to give back to the Prep community throughout the summertime.
Be sure to sign up for this great opportunity:
Bike Corral at Summertime by George
Sign up for the bike corral at Summertime by George this summer. All you have to do is take bikes and place on a rack and give people a wrist band so that they get their bikes back once they are ready to leave. It can be a great way to hang out with friends, listen to great music, and enjoy the summer weather. Prep will be operating the bike corral on June 13, July 4, July 11, and August 15, 22, 29.
Here is the link to sign up:

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Activities for Summer