Palaye Royale – Boom Boom Room Side B; Album Review


For over two years, the soldiers of the royal council have waited for Palaye Royale’s second album. The waiting came to an end this past September 28th when the long-awaited album finally dropped. Oddly enough, the new album wasn’t very new at all, as there were only two songs on it that had never been played live before their release. The album provided some confusion as well because the album included three pre-played songs released under different titles. 

The record opens with the three singles released from it: “Death Dance,” “Teenage Heartbreak Queen,” and “You’ll be Fine.” All were excellent introductions to the album, especially “You’ll be Fine” which is my second favorite song. From there, it moves into “Dying in a Hot Tub,” which has to be the saddest, most personal song on the album and is definitely my favorite. After that comes “Mrs. Infamous (My Sweetness),” “Hospital Beds,” and “Love the Void,” all of which were played live prior to their release (and two of them under different titles). The album ends with the long anticipated “The Boom.” Drummer Emerson Barrett had been talking it up as a very sad song to conclude the album. The song turned out to be an Allen Watts speech over piano and string music. It wasn’t what I was expecting at first, but after a few listens, it became one of my favorites. 

In brief, this album seemed to truly encapsulate what the band was hoping for in their second album. There’s a perfect balance of staying true to rock and roll, lyrics with uncertain meanings, and existentialism. This album (and band) is a perfect listen for any philosophers who enjoy rock music and a touch of sadness.