The Lever

Nora Miller

When you look at me, what do you see?

I guarantee you dont see my demons.

You dont see the little hurricane inside of me.

You dont see the little men in there cranking the lever.

The lever only ever turns.

No stopping.

It may only go faster, and faster.

And then it may slow down.

I can not control when the men will start cranking the lever.

They start slowly.

One turn.

Two turns.

Three turns.

Four turns.


It continues on and on until the workers decide to play a game.

They roll a pair of dice.

The number tells them how many times they will crank the lever.

Then some of them begin to get impatient.

They cannot wait for their turn and sneak away.

They sneak to the lever and begin to turn it quickly.

They start turning it quicker and quicker until they loose control.

And thats when the hurricane hits land

It takes over destroying everything that was once alive

It floods everything.

Leaving no corner unturned.

Is now gone.

The storm passes

The lever slows

Until next time when the workers want to play.