6th Grade Interviews


Our 6th graders have been enjoying many fun things, from getting spots in the woods to going to Mille Lacs. Even though some of their favorite things aren’t classes, they have been enjoying themselves. Louise R. said that she loved their spots in the woods. Annika D. agreed with her, saying that their spots were awesome, but Elizabeth St. took a different route. She declared that she likes orchestra best but that spots were also pretty nice. Jackson H. doesn’t really like classes; instead he prefers hanging out with his friends. One 6th grader, Ben S., said that he really liked the field trip to Mille Lacs. Many of the 6th graders could not decide on a favorite aspect of their year so far.

As the year goes on, the 6th graders will discover more about themselves as well as others. They will come to know which classes they love and which classes they dislike. Some will try new things, but others will stick to their comfort zones. 6th graders will make friends and endure challenges. Throughout everything though, they will have the support of friends, family, teachers, and other students. The 6th graders have had a great year so far and are looking forward to the rest of it.