What is Astronomy Club?


Sabrina Wuolu

Q: What is astronomy club all about? 
 To provide a fun way for students to learn more about astronomy regardless of skill level. 
Q: Do you plan on having any fundraising events?
No there isn’t a need for one.
Q: Are observing nights limited to just club members?
No they are for everyone, but club members are the ones planning them. 
Q: How many meetings have you had?
So far, we’ve only had two meetings.
Q: What made you interested in starting an astronomy club?
Mainly astronomy class last year and the observing night which they had. 
Q: What do you want people to know about the club?
It’s really fun and it doesn’t require a lot of previous knowledge about the subject. I feel like a lot of people are scared to join because they think it will be more like taking an extra class, but the purpose is to have fun and look at the stars.
Q: What is the goal of the club?
To have a fun time without adding any extra stress to your already busy lives. It is an easy and fun thing to do with your free time. Anybody can do astronomy by just looking at the sky.