How Hurricane Florence Affected my Family


To many people, Hurricane Florence is old news, but for me, but I still find myself thinking about it sometimes. Florence has affected the lives of thousands of people across the country, including my great-grandparents, who live in Wilmington, North Carolina, only a 10 minute drive from where Florence made landfall on Wrightsville Beach. They were forced to evacuate, and my family and I were very worried about them. My great-grandfather survived fighting in Japanese-occupied islands during World War II, so he wasn’t as afraid of the hurricane as we were. However, he is now 95 and has a wife with Alzheimer’s, making both evacuation and cleanup of debris more difficult for them. Fortunately, my uncle was able to convince them to leave Wilmington, and one of their neighbors drove them to safety. One week later, they were able to return to their home, relived to find that no significant damage had been done to their house. If their house had been severely damaged during the storm, they would’ve most likely lost it, as my great-grandfather had decided to finally stop paying for hurricane insurance only a couple months prior due to the high cost on his fixed income. My great-grandparents were some of the lucky ones, as 2 people died in their county, and 43 total deaths were caused by the storm. Our fear was if they hadn’t evacuated, they would’ve become part of that statistic. Every summer, my family goes to Wrightsville Beach, and although we aren’t sure what the beach will look like this year, we are grateful that our relatives will still be there.