Fishbowl Talk

Irene Jiang

On October 26th, Prep had its first Fishbowl meeting of the 2018-19 school year. The Fishbowl is an area for high school students to hang out during their open periods and at lunch time. During the class meetings about the Fishbowl, student council members talked to their classmates about the importance of keeping the space clean and presentable. It was strongly emphasized that everyone who uses the space has responsibility in keeping it clean and that it is a privilege for students to be using that space. Freshman representative Clare Duffy commented that, in her opinion, the class meetings went very well and that many people had suggestions on how to improve the Fishbowl’s condition, such as adding coat hooks. Many others agreed that there needed to be another garbage can by the main entrance. During the sophomore class meeting, I also heard suggestions about the same things. Afterwards, student council met and agreed to take action on these great ideas.

For those who had been at Prep for a while, the annual Fishbowl talk was not new. In past years, Prep has experienced some problems with keeping the Fishbowl organized for all students to enjoy. Student council only asks that students be respectful of each other and clean up after themselves.