College Application Deadlines: How Are Seniors Holding Up?

Miranda Curnutt

For many, November means Thanksgiving, colder weather, and being one month closer to winter break. But for high school seniors across the country, November holds a more pressing event–several colleges have application deadlines throughout the month.

Checking in with Saint John’s Prep seniors reveals a range of emotional states. For many, the consensus seems to be, “I’m dying” (in the words of senior Tina Chen). Their reasoning is clear: the future of their next four years lies in the hands of some evaluator who has never met them and has limited information on their personality. The application process as a whole can be impersonal, and it is seemingly never over–additional applications exist for certain programs and scholarships. This can lead to a “constant feeling of throwing up due to stress, I’m not even joking,” according to senior Caitlin Skahen.

In contrast, other seniors have a more relaxed approach. When questioned about the application process, Ben McGee said it was “good,” while Ethan DeWitt went so far to say it was “easy” (after further questioning, it was revealed that Ethan had completed only one application). And those lucky seniors who had completed their applications already were experiencing a great sense of relief.

But don’t forget, after the application is submitted, the acceptance decision remains. As senior Lizzy Kolb warns, “It’s not over until May 1st.”