Mental Health Presentations Interviews

Victoria Rademacher and Nora Miller

As the month of October came to a close, so did our busy month of presentations surrounding the topic of mental health. With many thoughts about the presentations, we began to wonder, what did other people in our school think of the presentations? We set out to find the answers asking students, (Sofia Bostrom and Tori Grandy), Mr. Grandy, and Ms. Whitehead what they thought of the two presentations. Below are the different questions and their answers along with our personal opinions.

Did you prefer the NAMI presentation or the movie Angst more?

“Personally, I preferred the Angst movie to the NAMI presentation. The NAMI presentation had so many things thrown at us at once that it was very triggering.” -Nora Miller ‘23

“I think they were both good, but I think the Angst movie was more relatable because it showed people going through actual experiences.” -Sofia Bostrom ‘21

“From my perspective, I thought that the NAMI presentation was a lot to digest, but that information was really good, but I think that the Angst presentation was more preferable.” -Mrs. Whitehead

Which one did you feel was more comfortable?

“I felt more comfortable at the Angst movie because of the fact that it was focused on one topic that I could relate to.” -Nora Miller ‘23

“Angst was just way less to process. It was less overwhelming.” -Mrs. Whitehead

What messages did you receive from the two presentations? How did they differ?

“There are factors of people’s lives. It’s difficult to necessarily see them, but they greatly affect people’s lives, and if we understand how they affect people’s lives, we might be able to help them deal with them in a healthy way.” -Mr. Grandy

“From the NAMI one, it was more of a general basis about mental health. The Angst movie was more specifically about anxiety, so it gave more perspectives on that.” -Sofia Bostrom ‘21

“That mental health is okay to talk about.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

What did you feel was the main purpose of each presentation?

“Both to alert everybody that might be dealing with mental health struggles and that it’s relatively common, so they are not alone. Also that it’s for others to try to understand how to help them.” -Mr. Grandy

“NAMI was to inform about more general symptoms. Angst spread awareness so people receive more acceptance.” -Sofia Bostrom ‘21

Which presentation did you feel students/classmates were more comfortable with?

“I feel that my classmates were more comfortable with the Angst movie because it was not as triggering as the NAMI presentation.” -Victoria Rademacher ‘23

“I thought it would be the Angst, but I asked one of my classes, and they said it was the NAMI presentation.” -Mr. Grandy

Did you feel like people were triggered by the NAMI presentation?

“I definitely feel like people were triggered by it. I feel like many people didn’t want to walk out in fear that they would be embarrassed.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

How did you feel when people were being disrespectful during the presentations?

“I felt as though they were disrespecting the issue of mental health and the people who were dealing with it. That includes their friends who may be dealing with it, and it seemed like it was all a joke. The presentation and the topic of mental health was a joke.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

“I felt like they were disrespecting everyone who is dealing with mental health issues. They didn’t seem to want to try to help or better understand their classmates.” -Victoria Rademacher ‘23

“I felt like people were disrespecting not only the speaker but everyone who struggles with topics that were talked about.” -Nora Miller ‘23

How did you feel when you saw about half of the people in the room raise their hand at the end of the NAMI presentation when asked if they or someone they know struggle with mental issues?

“It was a relief to see that you weren’t the only one who dealt with mental issues. It was good to see that you weren’t alone and to see that other people struggle too.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

How do you feel that the presentations in the month of October have helped our Prep community?

“I think it has raised awareness and has helped with opening that conversation.” -Mrs. Whitehead

“It has definitely made us more open and aware to these things, and it has definitely allowed us to cut back on the mental health jokes.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

“It has raised awareness around mental health. I feel like our school was aware of it already, but I think people were talking about it more and that’s good.” -Sofia Bostrom ‘21

How much more informed do you feel about mental health after the presentations?

“I feel I have learned a little bit more about different mental health struggles that I didn’t know before.” -Victoria Rademacher ‘23

“When I go to mental health things I just get reminded. And for me, even the Angst film helped me to understand kids better. I think it encourages me to have conversations with my kids.” -Mrs. Whitehead

“I feel a lot more informed about things that I don’t struggle with and even things I do struggle with. Even though I walked out when they were talking about suicide, I do still feel incredibly informed about all the other subjects that she did talk about.” -Tori Grandy ‘23

Overall people had almost the same opinions for most of the questions regarding the preference of the NAMI and Angst presentations. Angst seemed to be more comfortable for students and teachers and seemed to have a more positive reaction.