Coffeehouse: A Night Out with Friends


Noelle Buehrer, Author

The fall Coffeehouse, a beloved prep tradition, took place this past Friday November 30th. To open up the night, Mr. Fremo led the audience in a performance of “Happy Birthday” dedicated to his daughter Maya who attended the event. Throughout the night, attendees witnessed performances from Caitlin Skahen, Jeremiah Weber, myself, and Sofia Bostrom. Some memorable performances include Caitlin Skahen and Hanna Haeg’s a cappella rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, Gabe Van Heel’s impressive beatboxing skills, and Hillel Hinton challenging Mr. Paulson to a breakdancing competition. Aside from live music, students were able to enjoy refreshments and snacks, including coffee (of course), chips, and cookies. If performing or listening to performances didn’t pique one’s interest, there were games available and tables set up to play them on. The feedback I received from other students says most attendees enjoyed their time just as much as I did. 

To get some more opinions, I spoke to junior Jeremiah Weber about his coffeehouse experience, which also happened to be his first. I asked him how he would rate the event and he said it was really good and gave it a solid 9/10. I asked him how he’d describe it to someone who’s never been and he said it was a very chill experience. A chance to relax and hang out with friends while listening to peers perform. And for the musicians, it’s a chance to try out pieces they’ve been working on. As Jeremiah was one of the performers from the night, I asked how his experience at the mic was. He answered that he was scared at first, but as he talked to more friends and people he knew, it became a more comfortable environment. Lastly, he said he is very excited for the next coffeehouse and will try his best to be there, and I have to agree with him.