Mock Trial Team


Irene Jiang

This year, St. John’s Prep welcomes back our Mock Trial Team! Prep has not had a Mock Trial in recent years, so we are very excited to be represented in the Mock Trial Community once again. The team is made up of members, Joshua Stroeing, Carol Vieira de Magalhães, Clare Duffy, Hillel Hinton-Williams, Irene Jiang, Sylvia Johnson, Will Pittelko, and Cassie Zeng. The team is led and coached by Principal Katie Bergstrom. Principal Katie is helping out by giving the team some wonderful advice and tips for the competition from her own experience as a lawyer. 

The team has been working very hard this season and have faced some tough opponents so far including, Apollo High School, Chisolm High School, and Brainerd High School. Through their hard work and determination, they have won all three rounds of the competition so far!

The team has a meet on February 12, 2019 as they face off against Cathedral High School with their plaintiff’s case. Wish them luck!