Highlights from the Middle School Spelling Bee

Nora Miller

As the new semester began, middle schoolers only had one thing on their minds: the decision of whether or not they were going to be in the annual middle school spelling bee. Around 20 middle schoolers participated in the 2019 spelling bee. The rounds started out fairly easy, but gradually became more intense to the point where many noble students faltered, and did not make to past the sixth round.

Finally, It came to the final round of Patrick Duffy, Grace Dauer, and Victoria Rademacher. All three had been spelling their hearts out, word after word, and none of them were looking for failure. The words were given to each individual. The crowd was buzzing. We all wanted to know who the next great middle school spelling bee champion would be.

Although all three put up great effort, it was eighth grader Grace Dauer who came out as the champion! Then came the crowds realization. Grace would not be able to compete in the next level of competition. She was going to be in Patagonia over interim. This does not take away from her amazing accomplishment of being not only the winner this year, but the runner up as a seventh grader last year.

This turn of events meant that 7th grader Patrick, and 8th grader Victoria would have to go head to head once again. The words were given to the pair and Patrick Duffy came out of the battle as the victor. Everyone was once again very excited when suddenly the greatest coincidence occurred.

Patrick Duffy, being the smart student that he is, is also a part of the middle school Math Counts team who has a tournament on the same day of the next round of the spelling competition! Although many were anticipating another round, we did not have one. With all of these events combined, this means that 8th grader Victoria Rademacher will be representing SJP in the next level of competition! Congratulations to Victoria, Patrick, and Grace. You all spelt your hearts out and we all support you here at SJP!

On February 5th Victoria participated in the next round of competition. Out of the many students participating, Victoria passed over half the rounds of competition, a great achievement for this eighth grader. Congratulations Victoria!