Construction at Prep

Megan Mahowald

Based on the racket coming from the lowest level of the Prep school you, and probably the rest of Collegeville, may have noticed a construction project underway. Using some super ninja skills, I was able to swipe the blueprints for the new “offices” from Principal Katie’s desk. The first couple of pages were just boring measurements and complex math equations, but then I found the good stuff. Turns out they’re planning on building a Teacher Safe Space. Yep, a room for staff members to jam out to Stevie Wonder on MP3’s or to scroll aimlessly through apps like “The Facebook”. The room where teachers can “just be themselves” has perks, like stock-piled hard candy and all the whiteboard markers an educator could want. The basement of Prep is going to be the newest buzz for anyone with a degree to teach teens the basics of life. Complete with Advil and sleep masks, the room is sure to be filled with the latest gossip of who sat next to who at the latest staff meeting and comparisons of who has better color-coded lesson plans. I was going to investigate how the progress is coming for myself, but found that they have installed a body scanner and only people not wearing sneakers or yoga pants are granted access. I guess I’ll have to up my game to actually be “in the room where it happens”.