Pi Day Celebrated

Nora Miller

On March 14th, only one thought consumes the minds of the middle schoolers. Pi Day has come. If they have chosen to participate in the annual Pi off, the preparation leading up to their big moment requires lots of time and memorization to see if they can gain a coveted spot on the back wall of Mr. Larson’s classroom. The board contains the names of all those students from the past who have been able to memorize over 102 digits of Pi. Not many students have been able to complete the task, so being on the wall is a great achievement. If the student is able to recite 102 digits or more, and come out of the competition with the highest number of Pi digits recited, they will receive a pie of their choice made by Mr. Larson. While many were able to recite 20 digits of Pi and receive a small treat, this year was indeed a great year for those who recited Pi. With the record of 700 digits of Pi recited set, three students excelled greatly, all reciting over 220 digits of Pi! These students were Henry Buehrer (235 digits), Sophia Kapoor (298 digits), and the grand champion of the 2019 middle school Pi competition, Patrick Duffy coming in with a grand total of 372 digits of Pi! Patrick received an apple pie from Larson as a reward for the great feat. When discussing the large sum with others, many said that they did not know that Patrick was planning on reciting Pi this year, but were impressed with the feat regardless. Congratulations to Patrick and everyone who was brave enough to stand up in front of their math class and recite Pi!