Mary Poppins: Tech Week Struggles + Review

Tori Grandy and George Vedder

As tech week approached, the students involved in all aspects of Mary Poppins were getting ready to put on a magic filled performance with the usual pains of tech week, the costumes, the makeup and so forth. While the chaos of Mary Poppins swirled like a vortex of excitement over the cast, crew and orchestra, Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael all took to the skies and learned to fly. Our harnesses and flight equipment were all provided by ZFX, an organization specializing in theatre flight. Throughout tech week, the cast frantically worked to put on as smooth of a show as possible. All that the show needed was a touch of magic. Luckily, we had Danny Summers, a friend of David Copperfield’s, to help construct some illusions for the show. On Sunday, the show was completely sold out. This was the first Prep show to completely sell out. Hanna Haeg, Olivia Schleper, and Caitlin Skahen, the three seniors, left Mary Poppins as their last show with Prep. What a great show to end with! Thanks to all that were involved in this wonderful show for making it such a fun experience!