Jazz Night

Noelle Buehrer

A Prep tradition was carried on this past April 14th when the jazz band performed Jazz NIght at Fisher’s Club. For those unfamiliar with the event, every year the jazz band gets their moment in the spotlight and plays the songs they’ve been working on all year. Normally, the lineup consists of the Monday Night Jazz Quintet, the Middle School Jazz Combo, the High School Jazz Combo, and the Prep Big Band. Unfortunately, the middle school combo could not join the ensemble this year on account of it did not exist. In fact, there was almost no jazz band at all, but Mr. Engholm managed to keep the music course going.
Anyway, the night went as expected, starting with the Monday Night Jazz Quintet while the Prep kids ate dinner. 6:00 rolled around and the jazz combo took the stage. They played two songs off their setlist, both of which they had only decided on and practiced that day. Finally, the Big Band took the stage and wowed the crowd with the ten songs they had been working on every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Of those pieces, two featured guest vocalists Lydia Peters and Gabe VanHeel, and three were the ones the group played at contest back in February. The audience even got to hear improv solos from nearly everybody. So for everyone who didn’t make it out to jazz night this year, you better be there next if you want to see your friends make up a jazz solo on the spot.
Overall, the night was a success. Everyone’s sets went just fine and nobody’s instruments exploded. Unfortunately, we will soon be saying goodbye to seniors Caitlin Skahen and Lizzy Kolb, both of whom were star trumpet players. It’s a small group compared to the nearly ten seniors we lost last year, but Caitlin and Lizzy will still be dearly missed.