Grace Dauer Makes it to the State Geography Bee

Nora Miller

On March 29th, Grace Dauer drove down to the cities with her father and Mr. Stark to participate in the Minnesota State Geography Bee. After winning the Middle School geography bee, she took another test to see if she would be able to participate in the state bee. She did extremely well, and was of the top 100 students in Minnesota, which placed her in the state competition. Although there were 100 students participating, Gracie wasn’t shaken. She went through different rounds of competition,  with confidence. All of her hard work and studying payed off and she made it to the top twenty! Although she didn’t win it all, she did very well, going out in fourteenth place. She was the only girl to make it to this round of competition, making her the top girl in the state! Congratulations to Gracie for continuing to get Prep to the State GeoBee. We are so proud of her accomplishment, and are excited to see what other amazing things that she will accomplish in her future here at Prep. Congratulations Grace!