Middle School Asia Night

Cambel Shepherd

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Middle schoolers prepared since the end of March for Asia Night. They researched topics related to Asia, constructed cardboard tri-fold boards, learned how to cite their sources, and stirred up a meal from a region in Asia. Asia Night is a night after school when students show the boards that they created about a topic related to Asia from the research they did.
They bring a food or drink from a region in Asia that they made for students and visitors to try. They also played Asian sports that they have learned in their Phy Ed class. Sand mandalas were made in their art class and were displayed at Asia Night. Although Asia-related, every board was unique in its own way with topics ranging from endangered forests and animals to revolutionary wars and events. In addition to the boards, there were many Asian games demonstrated. Games such as Sepak Takraw, Badminton, Chess, and juggling were all displayed by middle school students. The sand mandalas symbolizing peace, friendship, nature, and happiness were also created by middle school students and were presented. Every student knew their board very well and was prepared to present them to many different parents and teachers.
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