The Office

Noelle Buerher

Each new school year brings new adventures, new challenges, and of course, new memes. One that quickly swept the school was Levi and Ben’s office. One day in early September, the duo moved a small table into the corner of the ramp outside the Weber Center and it all escalated from there. The table was soon covered in a tablecloth, a darth Vader figure, a yellow submarine LEGO set, several napkins, a box of tissues, a roll of tape holding a pencil cup, an actual tape dispenser, a jar of candy, a picture of Elvis with Brother Richard’s nametag, a green spinning light, and the famous guestbook. 

To get the inside scoop, I talked to Ben and Levi who had all the details on their little adventure. It all started many years ago when Levi Posch would hang out in the ramp area in middle school, and teachers began jokingly referring to it as his “office.” This year, he and Ben thought “wouldn’t it be funny if we made this an actual office?” From there, the desk and all its knickknacks appeared and it became a hotspot for theatre kids and memers. I asked about their favorite memories from the office and they answered when people started signing the guestbook, playing themed music each day, turning on the green light, and setting out the jar of candy. Some people heard different stories about how the office came to an end, so I asked for some clarification. Ben explained that the office was basically over before it began. When Principal Glomski saw the setup, she thought it was fun but knew Life Safety wouldn’t let it last long. They even devised a system where she would email them “LSP” which stood for “Life Safety protocol,” and they’d move the office to its hiding place. Unfortunately, Life Safety caught on and Dr. Glomski let the boys know it was time to take it down. The table was moved to its current hiding spot, and in place of the “Levi and Ben’s Office, please knock before entering” sign, a memorial was posted. A funeral was going to be held but was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. During these trying times, Ms. Pasela even got the boys a condolences card, and many students and teachers shared their sympathy. 

As some parting words, Levi said the office will return on special occasions because of how much it meant to people, and Ben just stuttered. I think I speak for the students and faculty when I say Rest in Peace, “The Office.” Its existence meant a great deal to many and it will be missed.