Dr. Christine Glomski: Principal, Parent, “Friends” Enthusiast

Liam Rogers

In April of this year, after months of extensive searching, interviewing and deciding, St. John’s Prep announced its new principal: Dr. Christine Glomski. Jon McGee, the new Head of School, in light of the announcement, stated “Dr. Christine Glomski is a dynamic, creative and collaborative leader. She brings long experience and exceptional leadership to the principal position of Saint John’s Prep.” Dr. Glomski assumed the position as principal in July.

I took it upon myself to interview Dr. Glomski for PrepPost, though I admit that it was far from my first time interacting with her; this is because long before Dr. Glomski was named principal of Prep, she was a proud Prep parent of Nicholas ’21, Jackson ’25, and just this year, Isabella ’26. In fact, she says that she first heard about the Prep school when her son Nicholas (Cole) had found it himself online, in hopes of attending a more rigorous institution. “Cole wanted to go to a school like this for a long time,” she said in the interview.

Dr. Glomski lives in St. Augusta with her husband, kids, and Cockapoo named Denver. She went to Gustavus Adolphus College (“Go Gusties!”) and received her undergraduate degree in elementary school education and coaching. She taught elementary school for 10 years before going back to get her Doctorate and Administrative License from Hamline University. She worked at Forest Lake High School as Dean of Students and was principal of Becker Intermediate School before coming to Prep. “I was ready for a new and different challenge,” she states. “I was ready to experience an entirely different side of education than where I was.”

It has been over a month and a half since the 2019-2020 academic year has started, and Dr. Glomski says that she feels amazed by the academic and extracurricular involvement of the school. “We’re such a small school, and so many people do so many things to make it all work,” she says. “I’m impressed by this school. I’m so glad to be here.” Though in some respects the school is how she expected it, she is enthralled by the overall involvement of the student body in several forms of academics, athletics, and extracurriculars, such as PrepPost.

Outside of school, Dr. Glomski professes herself as a “nerd,” reading leadership books even when off of work. She loves to spend time with her family and watches the classic sitcom Friends almost religiously. “I watch it every night before I fall asleep,” she admits. Her favorite food has changed over the course of time, but it is currently pizza. If she had the opportunity to take a vacation right now, she would love to go to the Caribbean, simply to relax, as I’m sure many Prep students could relate. If she were currently a student at St. John’s, she would love to be involved in Cross Country, Track & Field, the overall music scene, and PrepPost. Additionally, her favorite subject would be English, and she would have to spend most of her time improving her math ability, citing “watching Mr. Grandy’s class and having no idea what was going on” as evidence.

Near the end of our interview, I asked Dr. Glomski what her long-term goals for the school are. She acknowledged strengthening the overall curriculum of every subject, in hopes that there are no “gaps” in the education taught here at Prep, as well as improving the master schedule, which has been notorious in disallowing students from fitting in every class they had intended on taking in a semester. Aside from eventual aspirations for the school, Dr. Glomski wishes to keep her mission statement to the students of Prep simple and undebatable: “I am here because I want to help you [the students] to reach your goals, and anything I can do is to create possibilities for you.”