New Dorms

Annabella Yang

While we are looking forward to a brand-new year with all these forthcoming exciting events, we also have a view of the changes going through the dorms and lives of the boarding students this year. As we could recognize so far, the new international students are settled in, the new residential directors are getting used to all the new systems, and the new dorms are going to be introduced in a short amount of time. Those changes will bring us many excellent opportunities and chances to try out different life experiences.

We got plenty of new boarding students this year, and a lot of new Austrian girls are becoming a part of our community. Students from different parts of the world moved in with their individualized cultures. When everything gets combined here, the Emmaus Hall is like an International Cosmopolitan where different ideas of lives are shared.

A lot of new activities can be expected. During the conversation with the residential directors from girls’ dorm—- Gina and Katlyn, we learned that we are going to have a celebration during the MEA break, which has never happened before. We can expect a ski trip in the following winter as well. They also said that there will be more opportunities for us in the future to participate in more celebrations, activities, and short trips. We have gone through a lot of changes among the residential staff this year, and it is understandable for both them and us to take some time getting used to these changes. Everything has worked pretty well so far, and they promised they will bring us a great year with a lot of pleasant experiences and they all wish that we could make this community of boarding students like a home.

The “Boardingware” system is also another unseasoned trial. It makes our life harder now due to the every-day “check-in check-out,” but it does a great job making sure all of us are safe and not going anywhere we are not supposed to go, and we believe it will get better and better as we are getting used to it.

Now it gets to the most compelling part: the reconstruction in Saint Michael Hall is now close to being done, and we can expect the girls to move into the new dorms around the time of next spring break. According to the residential director of all the boarding students, Ryan, it will be a completely new experience for all the kids from school because this is the first time in our school history that the girls will share the same building with the boys; it is also the first time that all the girls will live in a dorm connected to the school. “It will be a great community, and everyone gets to work together to make it even better. There will be challenges, for sure, but we are going to face them together. We are all excited to move into the new dorm.” Katlyn and Gina commented.

Moreover, as far as we know, a common studying area is included in the construction plan as well, where both the boarding and day students get the chance to communicate and work together outside of the regular school time. It can be expected to get done by next March, and everyone will be welcome to visit!

Now, the school, the residential directors, and the boarding students are all trying their best to make the boarding life better. A lot of happiness has been discovered within this small but close community. We are glad to see everyone in the dorm helping each other, opening their thoughts to each other, and making this small community really like a home. As the high expectation of the following year is coming up, we hope all of the students will have an excellent school year with our fantastic boarding program.