Prep’s New Guidance Counselor: Ms. Brown

Irene Jiang

As you walk past the guidance office at Prep this year, you might notice a new face! Ms. Brown, a new guidance counselor at St. John’s Prep this year, is very excited to meet all the students here. As I interviewed her, she was very kind and answered all my questions with enthusiasm. I found out that Ms. Brown works with schools in District 742 and with non-public schools, such as Prep. I also learned that Ms. Brown loves photography. If you have a chance, be sure to stop by her office and look at the beautiful pictures she has taken! She told me that photography really relates to her job as a counselor. For Ms. Brown, photography has many parallels to what she does as a counselor. She explains, “Photography involves finding the beauty in things. It is the same when I work with students. I work with them closely to find out what is unique about them.” She also enjoys hiking, exploring, and traveling. Her life goal is to visit all 7 continents!

When asked about what a day-to-day at Prep looks like for her, I found out that it is different everyday. Usually, she comes in and plans out meetings with students, makes phone calls to parents, communicates with teachers, meets with kids, and researches online for various resources to share with the school. However, despite her busy schedule, Ms. Brown always makes sure to put students first. She says, “Students always come first. If they need help, I will help them right away.” At the Prep school, she is here to support students and the goals they work towards to achieve success.

Ms. Brown encourages students to either stop by her office or email her to introduce themselves. She is very impressed by all the students she has met. She states, “Prep students are ambitious, hard working, involved, thoughtful, and polite.” Her advice for everyone is to find balance and to take care of themselves. She emphasizes that self-care, organization, and time for hobbies is very important. She says, “Feel free to reach out for resources and to look for support. Don’t be afraid to reach out.” When you get the chance, be sure to stop her office and say hello!