Book Review of “Lost Roses”

Book Review of

Brett Penk

This week, I read a historical fiction called The Lost Roses. It takes place in the 1900’s right during World War I. In this book, Martha Hall Kelly portrays three main characters Veronica, Eliza, and Sophia. Veronica is a poor peasant girl who lives in a small Russian village. She gets hired by an aristocrat Sophia to take care of her son Max. Will Veronica looking after Max and working in the house be a good idea? Eliza is a New York social light and a philanthropist. She has a husband named Henry and a daughter named Caroline. She is best friends to Sophia. Sophia and Eliza met in Paris. Eliza traveled to Russia to visit and quickly left when uprisings happened. Sophia is a aristocrat and cousin to the Russian Tsar, she has a son Max and a husband Afon. Trouble occurs when she hires a local village girl to look after her son. Will Sophia and Eliza meet again? Will Veronica betray the family that employs her? You will have to read The Lost Roses to find out.