Christmas Decorations Already?


Alayna Neal

Christmas decorations already? Many people, including myself, have been longing for the day after Halloween because that means it’s finally Christmas season! Although a lot of other people think the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving, it starts whenever your Christmas cheer begins. I have never seen a problem with putting Christmas decorations up early because it starts the festivities that much sooner. In addition, you beat the cold weather. Have you ever hung outdoor Christmas lights in freezing weather? It is no fun! Also, if you hang Christmas decorations up after Thanksgiving, you only have a month to enjoy them. It seems like a lot of hard work for such a short time of enjoyment. Plus, when family comes for Thanksgiving, they will be rocking around the Christmas tree and having a happy holiday. 

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, Christmas decorations act as cues for communicating joy and hospitality to your neighbors. Given one of the Ten Commandments is to love your neighbor, why not hang up Christmas decorations early? Studies also show that people who put Christmas decorations up earlier than others tend to be happier. If you hang up Christmas decorations earlier than others, you’re more likely to be more cheerful because you are surrounded with joy. 

I sure am a lover for Christmas. I love all the holy jolly joy that fills the air. I hope you have a happy holiday!