From British Death Truck Incident to The Worldwide Problem of The Gap Between Rich and Poor

Annabella Yang

Recently, the news of the 39 found dead in a truck shocked the world. The police found 39 unidentified dead bodies in a truck in a village in the United Kingdom. This incident happened without warning and made people reflect on some previous episodes from about 10 years ago that were similar to this scenario. People have started to panic and worry that there is a secret organization that is directing this. The story itself is scary enough, but the story behind it scares people even more.

Timeline From 10-23-19 to 11-8-19

(if there are any further updates, then they shall prevail)

10-23: 39 dead bodies were found in a truck. There were 8 females and 31 males. The police are doing research on their background and figuring out their identities. Most likely, all the victims are from Asian countries. The driver of the truck was arrested.

10-24: They announced that all 39 people are Chinese citizens because they found Chinese passports on them. To reflect on history, 58 illegal Chinese immigrants died in the U.K. in 2000. People and news publishers think these two incidents are related.

10-25: Two more people— one male, one female— were arrested. Both of them are 38 year olds from the U.K. They were suspected of manslaughter and selling illegal labor forces. However, things suddenly change dramatically because the Vietnamese Embassy in the U.K. claim that they were contacted by some Vietnamese families about lost family members. The Vietnamese Embassy thinks there might be at least 10 people from the truck that are Vietnamese citizens. Although the British government still believes that there is a bigger possibility that most of the victims are Chinese, the Chinese Embassy does not have any idea.

10-26: Now, the British government is putting more attention on Vietnam. They later figure out that 25 victims are from the same village in Vietnam. The same day, the British police accuse the truck driver, Maurice Robinson.

10-27: The Vietnamese Embassy in the U.K. visited the scene of the accident. They announced that it will take a week to figure out their identities based on their fingerprints and DNA. They will offer their final report to the embassies from different countries. The same day, 24 Vietnamese families report that their family members have been lost in Europe.

10-29: 29 Vietnamese families have reported to the government.

11-7: U.K. Police identify that all 39 People found dead are Vietnamese.

11-8: U.K. Police Release Names of these 39 people. Officials say the victims were illegally smuggled into the country through a human-trafficking network.

The timeline above is the story everyone sees but not a lot of people dig deeper on the immanent reasons behind this. Why did the victims agree to go in the truck even though they understand that they are risking their life by doing this? What kind of people become the human-trafficking network’s target? What kind of organization is the human-trafficking network, and how does it work? Why so many people, not just those we learned from the news, keep jumping into the trick even though this kind of incident happened over time?

The problem  everyone around the world should ponder about is the gap between rich and poor in today’s society. Some journalists have visited the victims’ family members and they found out that most of them are in trouble financially and even surviving. They are suffering through life and they had no choice. Due to the population and labor-force problem, there is a massive number of unemployed people all around the world, especially from developing countries. As the developing countries focus more on solving their economic problems or developing their economy, they are paying less attention to the gap between the rich and poor which is becoming more and more dangerous.

This incident seems to be caused by the underground forces that make money by sending illegal immigrants. However, should we only blame social disorder? In fact, the biggest problem that caused these tragedies is what was wrong with society, and this is a problem that takes time to figure out.