Prep’s Vaping Presentation

Cole Glomski, Author

A number of weeks ago, our school held a vaping presentation for each grade of the high school. The presenters explained a ton about vaping and its impact on the human body. Their hopes being that in presenting information students may not know, they may deter students from choosing to vape in the future as well as stop people who may already be vaping. Students who were awake during this presentation would have ended up learning a lot, from the dangers of vaping in general, to the way vapes are marketed, and the harms of vaping compared to the harms of smoking cigarettes.

Presenters explained how vaping can negatively affect your health, showing how excessive vaping could lead to serious medical issues such as cancer. Students learned the shocking information that vaping is actually more harmful to you than smoking normal cigarettes, although due to the way vaping is marketed many people would believe the exact opposite. This is due to the surprising amount of nicotine stored inside different forms of vaping products. The presenters also informed students on how they are being targeted by vaping companies as teens are most vaping companies largest crowd of consumers.

Overall, the presenters did a fantastic job laying out the facts about the harms of vaping to the high school student body. The hope being, that for those awake to hear it, the cons of vaping outweigh the few pros, if any, vaping may present to minors. Hopefully now the student body of prep will stay away from the vape, and the people that may already be addicted will do their best to seek help and quit the undesirable habit.