Math Team

Annabella Yang

“Who is doing Event B and D?” “Did you get the answer for the last question?” “Event C is so hard this time!” “Yeah, I did not even get how to do the second one.” “Did you get 245 for question 3?” “Oh, I think I got it right!” “How is that possible —— both of us got the same answer, but turns out it was wrong!” “How did Tech do?” “Oh no, we are behind again.” “Who got number 5 for this team test?” “No, I can’t do geometry, but I will try.” “I think I got this; can anyone check it for me?” “What is the law of cosine again?” “Oh, we just needed half a minute more.”

It has been half a season since the math team started their first competition. It was also a tough season for all the math team students. They have been facing a lot of good opponents, challenging some really hard test questions, and “suffering” a lot of pressure. However, all of the students were enjoying the season and put in all their passion. They had done a lot of practice so that they will be more than ready before the actual meet started. The atmosphere during the competitions is also pleasant with a lot of discussion and encouragement happening.

The results so far are pretty good, although some math team members are not satisfied with what they got. The first meet gave the math team the first victory, in which our school was wining by many points, and they even got a considerable rank in the state.
The second meet did not go as well ——kids from our school seemed to lack some knowledge needed for event C and D. It ended up that our math team got the third place. Tech got ahead of us overall in terms of ranking points, but our math team still had an advantage in the total sum of raw marks.

The third meet was right before the final. The math team students got heated up, both preparing for their upcoming events and the finals. The event C for this test brought many students down —it was harder than any of the event C tests in this season. The team test was also another challenge for the students: although it sometimes went very well, the instability made the entire math team worried about it. In the actual meet, everyone tried their best even though they had experienced a tough week studying, and the result was not bad: second place right after Tech.

The math team has faced a lot of challenges but they have achieved some good grades, and they also received not only grades but results, which is the most important thing among all. They still have a long journey to experience and a long story to write, and we all believe that they will try their best and do the best that they can!