Middle School Interim

Miranda Louis and Olivia Pauly

“I love interim!” says an anonymous man. Staying true to the quote, the middle schoolers did a variety of fun activities during interim, including bowling, a trip to the science museum, going to Powder Ridge, and ending the week with the competitive Winter Olympics here at our very own school.

On Monday, the fun began by going to Great River Bowl in Sartell. Later that day, the middle schoolers returned to Prep and watched Touching the Void, a documentary about survival on a mountain and the questioning of life.

On Tuesday the went to the science museum and explored exhibits about dinosaurs, sports, race and diversity, technology, and more. The middle schoolers stopped in Arbor Lake for lunch on their way back to Prep.

On Wednesday, the children of the middle school discovered the wonders of Powder Ridge. They skied and snowboarded all day, and took a break for lunch. At the end of the day, everyone was tired as they loaded up the buses to return to school.

Lastly, Thursday was the day all had been waiting for: The Winter Olympics. The eight teams were ready. They went outside, introduced their “countries,” and sang their “national anthems.” The indoor events were first. Push-upers and sit-upers raced to get the most is a minute, while soccer kickers and hockey hitters competed to get the most goals. There was jump roping, pickle ball, foosball, and beanbags (aka corn hole). Kids even tried to see who could jump the farthest! After that, each “country” attempted to build a snow sculpture. There was a turtle, a slide, a unicorn poop, bread, and other cool sculptures. Next was the outdoor events. Some middle schoolers bobsledded down a hill to see who got down first. Others mushed (human dogsledding) and did a biathlon. The whole country played broomball together as well. The teams ended the day with smiles on their faces, ready for the long weekend ahead.