Middle School Spelling Bee


On January 24th, the middle school held a spelling bee. There were 26 participants ranging from grades 6-8. Our top eight finalists were Sofia Muntiferring, Emma Zaun, Miranda Louis, Amanda Bolton, Sarah Bolton, Ben St. Hilaire, Lincoln Vix, and Tim Wilwerding. The remaining two were Sofia and Ben, both in seventh grade. Sofia won with the winning word “affectionate”. Unfortunately, Sofia went to the interim trip to London, so she couldn’t attend the regionals. In her place, runner up Ben went. This same situation had happened last year too. The winner, Grace Dauer, went on the interim trip to Peru, so Victoria Rademacher went in her place. Ben advanced onto the region #7 spelling bee. After 21 rounds, Ben took first place with the winning word “contemptuous”. He advanced to the Multi-Region State Spelling Bee in Ferguson Falls, and he won. He is now advancing to the national spelling bee in Washington D.C., which will start May 24th and end May 29th.