Homecoming 2020


Noelle Buehrer

Homecoming this year looked very different than normal thanks to COVID-19, but we still made the most of a Prep tradition. The theme was “Candyland” and the week was filled with topical dress-up days. There was even a prize for participation by grade, which the seniors won. An outdoor pep fest was held on Thursday to raise excitement for the homecoming soccer games. Friday consisted of a talent show after school on Zoom instead of at the SBH theater that night, and as opposed to a traditional homecoming dance on Saturday, a fall festival took place Friday night. There were lawn games, a food truck, Scattergories, capture the flag, and a bonfire; not the typical Prep homecoming dance, but a fun way to celebrate our return to school. Homecoming week happened to coincide with tech week for the fall play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so opening night was that Saturday. Students weren’t able to enjoy all the pleasures of homecoming week, but we made the best of an unfortunate situation. 

Personally, homecoming week didn’t quite feel real. Time has been a bit off for most of us since school closed in March last year, but a week that should be special didn’t quite feel special. That being said, I think the school did their best to create a fun experience for us. We had many limitations because of the pandemic, but we worked around them and had a fun time. I’m sure freshman and seniors were a little disappointed to have their first/last homecoming experience be an untraditional one, but my brother, a freshman, said it was fun nonetheless.