Hurricane Delta


Patrick Duffy

On Friday, October 9th, the category 2 hurricane Hurricane Delta hit Creole, Louisiana, with 100 miles per hour winds. Many people were still recovering from Hurricane Laura, which had come only 6 weeks before, and were surprised when Delta came. The storm caused 600,000 reported power outages in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi over the course of two days. It also caused two deaths in Louisiana: A 86 year old man and 70 year old woman, who both lost their lives because of fires from hurricane damaged appliances. The place the hurricane hit the worst was Lake Charles, Louisiana. It reached 150 miles per hour winds and flooding. Although the storm had a powerful start, it weakened quickly. By midnight on Saturday it was only a category 1, and by 6 A.M. it was only a tropical storm After only a day or two, the storm moved through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia. It did not cause as much damage as it did in the first states it hit, but it still caused damage. In Lilburn, Georgia a train even derailed, knocking over 38 cars, some of which caught fire. The tropical storm finished with rainfall in many eastern states, such as North Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The total hurricane damage is estimated to cost somewhere between $1.5 million and $2.7 billion, and will raise the hurricane damages for the year to $26 billion.

After all of the damage Hurricane Delta caused, many people went out of their way to help the community. Many people who were vulnerable to the hurricane needed shelter, so they went to a mega shelter in Alexandria. It held 833 people during the hurricane. It can normally hold more, but officials made sure to make the building COVID-19 safe. The American Red Cross helped out by sending 720 trained disaster workers who supported shelters and helped with emergency relief efforts. They also helped provide 693,900 people safe refuge affected by Hurricane Laura and Delta. There are also organizations helping out but who need donations. One of these is the Salvation Army, who is helping by making meals and giving them to people who were affected by the hurricane.