Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime

Scout Swanstrom

Chapter 1

Pentalobe was 18, and her mom Samarah was 46.  They had a very close mother-daughter bond so one day they decided to go on a hike in the deep mountain range where no person or machine had ever ventured before. They thought they knew what they were walking into and decided that they both wanted a little more adventure in their lives. Sadly they weren’t walking into an adventure, they were walking into a death trap only the elite of the elite would be able to survive.

To start they decided to go on a helicopter tour and accidentally ¨get lost.¨ Knowing that the helicopter they were riding in would be thoroughly investigated after they failed to return they knew where they were going to put the note before they even reached the chopper. They spent five weeks figuring out what they were going to need for their daring adventure. Then came collecting and packing everything. It took them two weeks to get everything they needed! Then the day before their tour they hiked out and hid their packs on the edge of the foliage.

After a restless night of sleep for both Pentalobe and Samarah finally, the day came and they were ready, ready for what, no one person could say, to fall off a cliff, to break a leg, to get lost, or maybe even get some bad disease. One thing was for sure though and that was that they were taking a big risk.

Right as they were about to leave Pentalobe started to worry about getting away without someone seeing them and told her mom. They agreed they would change into something with more camouflage on it. So they changed and both came out looking like they were tourists trying to fit in with all of the hikers. They started off in the direction of the heliport to their unknown destiny.

What they saw of the helicopter tour was amazing. Their pilot, Glenda, was also amazing. She had water, punch, and champagne. Then when Glenda was getting everyone else drinks and snacks they placed the note under the seat of the pilot. Glenda started to load everyone up into the chopper and when no one was paying attention they ran off one at a time. They ran towards the distant mountains looking for a place to build a shelter out of leaves and twigs. They finally found a small clearing just big enough to build a shelter and a fire to cook their food on. For dinner, they had mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans they had found while hiking.

Chapter 2

That night it was miserable, neither person could sleep because of the rain pounding down on their shelter. They must have done a good job though building the shelter because they did not get even the tiniest bit wet. That morning Pentalobe woke up to the sound of something big crashing through the woods. The crashing got closer and closer until it woke up Samarah as well. Who, by the way, was such a deep sleeper that she slept through a tornado.

Pentalobe looked out of their shelter and saw the biggest grizzly bear that she had ever seen both in person and in pictures. It must have been 15 feet tall when it was standing on its hind legs. When Samarah saw the great shaggy wet beast stand up she was shaking so hard that people in Japan could hear her knees hitting each other. Thankfully the bear was blind. Finally, Pentalobe got brave and stepped out of the shelter went over to the bear rubbed it behind the ears, and started talking to it in a nice soothing voice. For a second it seemed to work then out of the blue the bear picked up Pentalobe and through her into the air and onto its back. Then it started to Samarah who had missed the entire thing because she had gone into the shelter and was struggling to get all of their gear onto her back. The bear through her up, up, up, into the air and she screamed and screamed.

“The bear is going to eat me! Help!!” Samarah screamed and screamed until she landed with a dull THUD on the bear’s warm furry back. Samarah heard another dull THUD and thought that the bear had eaten Pentalobe. Then all of a sudden Samaras adrenaline started pulsing through her veins she sat up and opened her eyes expecting to see the worst.

Instead, she saw Pentalobe sitting in front of her grinning and laughing. she slowly turned around and saw all of their stuff perfectly fine sitting on the bears back even the shelter was there, still put together. Samarah thought it was just a dream until she heard a very loud roar and felt herself slipping. Then the roar stopped and all she heard was the loud rushing of wind in her ears. After what felt like 6 weeks but was only 12 hours they stopped. The bear gently picked them and all their stuff and gently set it all on the ground. The bear even got the shelter to the ground all put together just like new, and with a funky dance move the bear was gone.