Finding Your Motivation


Do you lack motivation during eLearning? Are you struggling to keep your head above the ever-climbing surface of the sea of homework and assignments? In order to tackle this issue, we did some research and interviewed Ms. Brown. When we talked to Ms. Brown, she gave us lots of helpful tips to stay motivated. Some motivational tips include: taking breaks, making a schedule, and setting goals.
First of all, you can keep your energy levels high during eLearning by taking breaks often and for the right amount of time. If you work on your schoolwork for too long, sometimes the quality of your work will decrease because your body is just tired. I find this to be true as when I work for too long, I start to rush to try to finish, and the quality of my work isn’t nearly as good as it could be. Ms. Brown told us that if you can’t concentrate on your schoolwork, your body probably needs something like a snack, a drink, or even just a mental break. She told us to always take breaks when we needed them but that the length of the break is key. Sometimes we can do thirty minutes of school work, and then we tell ourselves to take a ten-minute break. Ten minutes go by, then thirty minutes go by, then it’s time for dinner, and you still haven’t finished your homework. In order to combat this, keeping a schedule is crucial.
Secondly, a schedule is key to having a successful study session. It is always important to create a schedule because it keeps you on track and motivated. In your schedule, you should include activities that you enjoy along with school work. Schedules help you stay on track and motivate you to keep going. It is important for you to include your study time, your break time, and your fun time. With your schedule, consider what time is best for you to do homework. Is that time right after school or an hour after? Do you want to get three tasks done and then take a break? Or take a break after each task? The most important thing about schedules is what makes you happy and what works best for you. Schedules are an important part of the motivation that keeps you on task.
A final tip for staying motivated during eLearning is to set goals. Goals can be helpful to achieve the task you want to get done. Setting goals rather than chores can change your mindset on the activity. Harvard Business Review says, “The trick is to focus on the elements of the work that you do find enjoyable.” Try to find the enjoyable part of the goal. Finding something good in the task can help motivate you to get it done. If you are not doing something you enjoy, then why do it? You will have less motivation and little perseverance if you are not having some fun. Adding on, if you still lack motivation, try taking baby steps. Baby steps can ease the goal. Try doing one problem… and then three more. And once you have taken little steps, the load has already gone down! Taking baby steps can help get the ball rolling when trying to find motivation. Motivation is hard to obtain, but setting goals can make it easier.
Overall motivation is very important in everyone’s lives. When you are motivated, your grades will improve, you’ll get along better with people, and you will be healthier. Motivation can also be very challenging to have, especially during e-learning. Steps you can take to stay motivated are having breaks, creating a schedule, and setting goals. Motivation is a tricky task, but with these steps, you can conquer it.