Wells Fargo Hostage Situation

Elizabeth St. Hilaire, Author

On May 6th, 2021 the Wells Fargo on 33rd Avenue South St. Cloud had an attempted robbery and hostage situation. Everything started at around 2:00 pm when a call was made to the police about a possible bank robbery. According to the St. Cloud police department, the branch manager was concerned for the safety of both the customers and the employees inside the building, and shortly after, the police were informed that the bank robbery was underway. This was the beginning of an eight-hour standoff between the suspect and the police. The suspect was later identified as Ray Reco McNeary, and it was said that he was upset about a  previous transaction he had made with the bank. There were five hostages inside at the time, and they were gradually released until just one remained. Negotiators at the scene communicated with him using signs that they held up against the window, and at one point they brought him a pizza. The fifth hostage “made a run for it” at about 10:20 pm, and the SWAT team was about to take Mcneary into custody roughly ten minutes later. Nobody was hurt during the robbery thanks to the team that was assembled outside. St. Cloud police Chief William Blair Anderson states, “ I am extremely proud of the men and women, not only of the St. Cloud Police Department but certainly from the FBI as well.” On Friday, May 7th, McNeary was charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and second-degree assault.