Fall Play, Rumors


Isaac Miller

The clock is ticking down on rehearsal for the fall play Rumors! Written by Neil Simon, the show centers around four couples who experience some wacky happenings at a tenth wedding anniversary! The Deputy Mayor of New York just shot himself, and the guests are all about to arrive. As rumors spread around the party, nobody knows the whole story! What will happen in this hilarious show? You will have to come and see for yourself! 

Senior Ivie Taft had this to say about the show: “It is really funny! It is a wacky goofy show with the comedy of a sitcom.” I asked her about what she was most excited about while being in the fall play. Ivie emphasized the fact that the cast is almost like family. “Walking into the rehearsal room is just so much fun. It is such a tight and funny cast,” she stated. Fellow senior Noelle Buehrer touched on how hard a comedy really is. “We as a cast have to get down timing and inflection to make this show funny,” she said. Noelle also stated that she is quite sad for this to be her last fall play, but she is ecstatic for this show to start performances. The show’s director Mr. Brandon Anderson had this to say on why he chose this show: “The characters are all so funny and larger than life. There is no right or wrong way of playing them, so I thought it would be a perfect fit.” Mr. Anderson also touched on how after a year of outdoor theater this would be the perfect show to bring theater back indoors. 

Audiences should expect to have a great time in this quirky, comedic, and chaotic show! Rumors opened Friday, October 29th, and closed Sunday, November 7th.