Taliban In Afghanistan

Taliban In Afghanistan

Brett Penk

Taliban In Afghanistan

With the answer to the question why is the United States still in Afghanistan growing steadily unclear. On April 14th 2021 President Biden announced the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan from May 1st to September 11th. This decision was made because the United States thought the Afghanistan army was better trained and equipped. 

In August 2021 a series of events unfolded that no one saw coming, the Taliban began to make a rapid takeover of Afghanistan. The Afghan Army had fallen. Kabul the capital cities was beginning to be sieged. Then Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15th. 

Then began the rapid evacuation of United States Citizens along with refugees. Over 125,000 people had been evacuated before the August 31st deadline of when the United States had to leave. 

Women’s rights are now more than ever endangered under the Taliban. The Taliban follows strict religious beliefs that don’t allow women to have jobs, or to be educated. In some places it is even a risk for women to leave their houses. Women are losing their rights everyday in Afghanistan currently, girls are still not allowed to be educated, or work and have jobs. 

When the Taliban took over they changed the rules. Girls were not allowed to attend secondary schools. Before they used to be able to attend but separately. Universities were co-ed, now that has been stopped. The government says this is just temporary, but months have gone by and it has remained the same. 

Citizens want change. Women are protesting in Kabul risking their lives. They don’t want to go back twenty years where they were forced to marry, beaten and stoned to death. These women are not afraid, they are courageous and brave. They are fighting for their rights that they deserve. Women want to make history and change their rights to be equal. In a BBC article, a young woman said, “They are not able to remove us, they will not take our rights”. Women’s rights are endangered in Afghanistan more now than ever. 

Here are ways you can help, 

-You can write a letter to your state senators asking them to take action on this to help Afghanistan. 

-Do good research, and find a reliable organization that helps people in afghanistan. 

-You can also sign this petition about women’s education in Afghanistan,