The Fall Season at SJP


Cora Bauer

            Here at Prep, we have a “front row seat” to watch the seasons change, but have you really been paying attention to what is happening outside? Leaves are in the process of changing color from their summer green to their autumn red, yellow, orange, and brown. Birds are starting to fly south in flocks, and other animals, like squirrels, are gathering nuts and berries to store and eat in the wintertime.

            The leaves are eventually falling off the trees, leaving behind trails of leaves and leaf piles. When you go out for a fall walk, the leaves crinkle under your feet and rustle in the wind. The trees are becoming bare and preparing for the winter cold and snow. We see less and less wildlife but what we do see, is spectacular.

            The weather this year has been a little colder and warmer than other years. Enjoy being outside in the cool fall air now, before the temperature drops for the winter. Fall sports including soccer, cross-country, and tennis have done quite well this season

As said by Ms. Biechler, “My favorite activities to do here at Prep in the fall, is walk to the Chapel and look out the 6th grade classroom windows to see all the leaves changing colors”.

Others have said that walking outside in the trees and listening to the leaves crunch under their feet and the birds sing in the trees are their favorite parts of fall.

Fall is so pretty at Prep. Enjoy the colors, smells and sounds of fall before winter takes over.