Thailand Day Massacre


Sofija Younglao-Talic

October, 6, 2022-  Uthai Sawan, Thailand, has been devastated because of many deaths of a daycare caused by one person. There are reports from the Associated Press of a former police officer killing about thirty-six people in total, and at least twenty-four of them were children from the daycare center. Many articles, including Reuters, have stated that he came to the daycare from the court to pick up his child, but after not finding his child there, is when he started attacking the people there; he stabbed many of the people inside and only a tiny amount survived. Recent reports have shown that the reason the killer was in court for drug use. CNN news have found that he owned a tablet where they state it is, “locally known as ‘crazy medicine’”.

More reports from several news agencies have stated that when he got home, he not only took away his two year old son and wife’s life, but also his own. Unfortunately, his incident caused Thailand to have the highest casualty rate of children killed by one person.