Breaking Bad Habits


John Ruzanic

You might think that it is a really hard thing to break a bad habit. If you think about it though, and do some of these things, you can easily break them.

Everybody has habits, even if they don’t know it. Some are good, and some are bad. Some good habits are daily things like brushing your teeth, or having breakfast. But then there are bad habits. These are things like cracking your knuckles or picking your finger nails. Sometimes these are things that you have been doing for years or only a couple days. But, no matter what, if you follow these steps, you can break your bad habits. 

Let’s say that you crack your knuckles. If you catch yourself doing it, you could think of something to do instead of cracking your knuckles. For example, you could tap your fingers together, or occupy your hands to do something instead of cracking your knuckles. Another idea is to notice that you are doing it. If you notice it, and you stop, you will get into the habit of not doing it. A different idea is to envision yourself succeeding. It is like if you are playing a sport, and your coach says something like, “Keep your head up high” or “Don’t give up”. This is tricking your brain into thinking about succeeding. Though, it takes about 2.5 months or 21 times to break a habit. To make it permanent, it takes about 90 DAYS. But, with that being said, it is way easier to break a habit if you just notice it and stop doing it, act like you are going to succeed, and think of something else to do besides that bad habit.