Joshua Guimond Case


John Ruzanic

On November 9th, 2002, Joshua Guimond went missing on the Saint John’s University campus. For Saint John’s, this is a big deal. For more information about Joshua Guimond’s case, there is a documentary on Cold Case Files on Netflix about him! At the time, he wanted to be a lawyer and led the campus mock trial team. A news site, Inforum, states , “Joshua Guimond went missing the evening of Nov. 9, 2002 after leaving a party at a neighboring dorm hall at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. While his friends assumed he had slipped out to the bathroom, Joshua Guimond never returned to the party — and has never been seen since” (

Some think he was kidnapped, while some also believe he drowned in Stumpf Lake on Saint John’s University’s campus. Some of the people at the party also thought he might have been going back to his dormitory, instead of going to the bathroom. Upon investigation of Joshua’s room and computer, the Stearns County Sheriff’s department found a series of people Joshua interacted with online, which could be related to his disappearance. Inforum states, “the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office released 28 images of [these] individuals found on the computer, along with a plea to the public to help identify those pictured. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office has had those images since — at least —2008” (

The Stearns County Sheriff thinks that he drowned, but he could have gone missing in many different ways. A couple of witnesses reported that they saw him on a bridge near Stumpf lake, which is the reason why some people think he drowned.

This story is sad, mysterious, and scary. Some say they think the case will be solved, but as time continues to pass since Joshua’s disappearance, it gets harder and harder to solve his case.

If you know anything about Joshua Guimond’s disappearance, the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office investigations service has asked you call them at, 320-259-3700.