She Kills Monsters


Cerys John

This year’s fall play, She Kills Monsters, is a fast-paced dramedy that deals with topics of grief and sexuality. It follows Agnes Evans, a high school English teacher, and her younger sister, Tilly, who died in a car crash. Wanting to feel closer to her sister, Agnes begins her first ever game of D&D, but as the campaign goes on, she learns more and more about her sister and realizes the extent of how she pushed Tilly away.
Since the auditions in August, the cast has been working hard to bring this show to life. Annika Dauer, who plays Lilith the Demon Queen in the show, describes her experience as “difficult, but very rewarding… This is the proudest I’ve ever been of any show.”
She Kills Monsters is one of the most technical plays Prep theatre has ever performed, and I feel honored to be a part of it. It’s a fun and immersive show with an extremely talented cast and crew, and I’m so proud of everyone involved.
Plus, there are dragons.