Vacation Review


Riley Schaeffer

When most parents are looking for a family vacation, you would expect more of like an amusement park, museum, or even a trip to a place out of the country. Now, I get it if you don’t like animals or any hands on type of activities. But, some places leave so many memories and fun adventures. Now, when I thought of this ideal trip before this October, I had in mind a “adrenaline making, roller coaster”. But maybe you don’t need that every time you go on a trip.

When we were set to go on our 4 1/2 hour drive to Wisconsin, I was not prepared for how long I would have to sit in a car. But, all of us slept almost the entire ride. Once I saw the mysterious Woodside Ranch that my father was talking about, it didn’t look that mysterious. They had horse stables on one side and on the other side, cottages and a private movie theatre. At first thought, you would think that doesn’t sound like your ‘dream’ road trip or vacation. 

After you drive into the parking lot, you need to check in. After that, you can move your bags into one of the many cottages or hotel-like rooms. Then, if there is still time in the day, you can go on many of the trail rides in the summer. If it’s too late for the trail rides, you can still watch a movie in the private movie theatre, swim in the outside pool, go to the Trading Post and get a beer (if you are 21 or older) or go to the game room and play ping pong and maybe some arcade games. There is always opportunity to do something besides laying inside all day. In the mornings at during summer to fall, the trail guides will take you in the middle of the woods for what they call a “breakfast ride”.

After the breakfast ride, there are a couple of trail rides before lunch. For lunch, you usually get original tasting food. But if you don’t eat meat, they always have salads. My favorite meal was the Jojo’s (basically fried potatoes). Their restaurant is very homey and right by the game room. Supper is usually grilled food. My first night, we had chicken tenders.

After supper, all of the rides would be done by then and horses would be eating. You still have time to look at the petting zoo and can watch the horses go into the yard. Many of which that love pets before bed. Sometimes, there are activities like bow and arrow and pumpkin carving in the fall.

In the mornings, you have the choice to help with the petting zoo by fling some chores. Most of which is feeding. The donkeys love the food and enjoy the pets that come along. Woodside ranch also has a sassy pony that loves the food. His name is Ajax, and yes he was born before Wednesday coming out of Netflix.

The Woodside Ranch might not be for everybody, but it sure was amazing for me!