FIFA World Cup


John Ruzanic, Journalist

It is 2022 now, and yes, that means it’s the men’s FIFA World Cup! The World cup was started in 1930 by Jules Rimet and is still a big tradition that happens every four years.

Now, if you don’t know what the World Cup is, it is a cool thing that happens every four years and it is many soccer games to find a winner in the end. A really cool thing about the World Cup is that it is not just small leagues that are playing for thier state/province, it is a whole bunch of really good soccer players, from the country that they play for, to be represented in the World Cup.

Ok, now let’s talk about what’s actually
happening. So, there were many memorable
matches in the FIFA World Cup 2022, but two
of the most memorable matches were the
Netherlands vs Argentina and France vs
Argentina matches. In the Netherlands vs
Argentina match, it was a memorable match
because they were tied up after some time and
so they ended up doing penalty kicks. And
that’s not even the craziest part! When they
were doing penalty kicks, the Netherlands
started first and they missed, then the
Argentinian soccer player, Lionel Messi, scores,
then the Netherlands miss again, then Argentina scores again, Then the Netherlands score, then Argentina scores, then the Netherlands score, then Argentina misses, (now this is where the crazy part happens) then the Netherlands score, and everything gets tense, then… Argentina scores! The game ended up with Argentina 4 and the Netherlands 3.

Now Argentina makes it to the finals with France and this game is also tied with some crazy goals because Argentina thought they would definitely win, but then Kilian Mbappe scores all of their goals with their tied score at 3-3. France starts the penalties and then scores, then Argentina goes and Lionel Messi scores, and then it is France’s turn and they miss, then Argentina is up and they score, France then goes up and misses, Argentina goes up and they score (now the penalty score is France 1 and Argentina at 3), then France scores but if Argentina gets this next one they will win the World Cup, Argentina is up and…….. they score and win the FIFA World Cup 2022!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this article, I stated what the FIFA World Cup was, and some memorable games in the FIFA World Cup 2022. There will be many more fun matches in the next FIFA World Cup to come.